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274 Garry St.
(Between Portage
& Graham)

Winnipeg, MB
Canada  R3C 1H3

Tues-Sat 11am-9pm
Sun-Mon Closed


We accept Interac, Visa and Mastercard too

What people are saying:

Thank you for putting on such an imaginative and daring series of programmes, for honoring Purdy, and for inviting my little buddy, Neil Besner, and me to participate. We both thought it was the right thing and better still a hoot. This was a wild and wonderful scheme! A fabulous act of imagination and daring. - Poet Dennis Cooley (on Mondo!Purdy 2009)


This is a list of nice things that nice people out in the world have said about us on their blogs. (Click on the speech bubble to read.) If you're looking for my blog, I don't write one. I write a weekly email called This Week at Aqua Books. There are a few tidbits of that over here.

BLOG The Official Aqua Books Tumblelog
Words/images found at Aqua Books (tumblelog)

BLOG Downtown Peggy
After the Drama: Kraut King closes, EAT! thrives 7.26.10 (blog)

BLOG Something in Latin
One of the best cups of coffee I've ever had (Chun Lei) 6.26.10 (blog)

BLOG Downtown Peggy
Five things I love doing downtown: EAT!ing 6.8.10 (blog)

BLOG Captive Creativity
EAT! bistro Review 5.21.10 (blog)

BLOG The Hope Files
Aqua Books hosts awesome events (Amanda Hope) 5.19.10 (blog)

BLOG Dining Delights and Disasters
The lovely Yvonne Raymond says EAT! bistro is "one of the most impressive Winnipeg restaurants" 2.26.10 (blog)

BLOG Nick DiChario
Hugo-nominated SF writer Nick DiChario writes about his appearance on Kelly Hughes Live! 2.7.10 (blog)

BLOG Brent Toderash
Writers Collective website launch 2.4.10 (blog)

BLOG Handmade in Manitoba
EAT! bistro review 2.3.10 (blog)

BLOG Celebrate with Champagne
Couple gets engaged at EAT! 1.31.10 (blog)

BLOG Winnipeg van Bruggens
Mini-review of EAT! 1.31.10 (blog)

BLOG Gabriele Goldstone
Review of How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Out 1.15.10 (blog)

BLOG Winnipeg is Better than Chocolate
Goodbye McNally Robinson, Hello Aqua Books 1.12.10 (blog)

BLOG The Orange Kid
Review of EAT! bistro, with pics 1.8.10 (blog)

BLOG Half Pints Blog
Half Pints' Brewmaster Dave reviews EAT! bistro 9.18.09 (blog)

BLOG Bubs Blurbs
A review (and comparison to Jay Leno) of Kelly Hughes Live! 9.18.09 (blog)

BLOG The Observationalist
Writer and broadcaster Dan Kern reviews Kelly Hughes Live! 9.12.09 (blog)

BLOG The Rise and Sprawl
I'd've used a stickers pun, but none were a-peeling 8.19.09 (blog)

BLOG Prairie Chicken
Vandalism WIN! Winnipeg Parking Authority FAIL! 8.19.09 (blog)

Local Bookstore Saving Motorists Money on Parking 8.19.09 (blog)

BLOG Sean's Blog
A review of IdeaExchange: Images and the Selling of Charity from March 2007 7.2.09 (blog)

BLOG Greylashes
Mini-review of EAT! 6.5.09 (blog)

BLOG Rise and Sprawl
Winnipeggers Who Are Doing Things 6.2.09 (blog)

BLOG Illustrator Jane Heinrichs
A review of the 2009 Manitoba Book Awards from a first-timer 4.29.09 (blog)

BLOG Former Aqua Books W-i-R Anita Daher
A review of the 2009 Manitoba Book Awards featuring Kelly Hughes 4.26.09 (blog)

BLOG Poet Maurice Mierau
A synopsis of the 4.9.09 Aqua Books Lansdowne Poetry Prize nominee readings 4.24.09 (blog)

BLOG GG Winner Jacobb Scheier
Jake liked his lunch at EAT! 4.21.09 (blog)

BLOG Urban Thinker via Downtown BIZ
101 Reasons why Manitoba Hydro Employees will LOVE Downtown
(we're #68, apparently) 1.8.09 (forum post)

BLOG Painting Over Silence - A Winnipeg Music Blog
A review of the Mr. Pine show at Aqua 1.2.09 (blog)

BLOG paperandglue
Garry Street Button Remix Necklace 11.18.08 (merch)

BLOG Winnipeg Love and Hate
Bryan Scott 9.30.08 (blog)

BLOG Mellaina's Musings
9.1.08 (blog)

BLOG Flickr
Bryan Scott 9.1.08 (PhotoBlog)

BLOG Career Limiting Moves
Zachariah Wells 8.28.08 (blog)

8.28.08 (blog)

BLOG The Life and Times of Annemarie
Peripatetic 'pegger returns 8.27.08 (blog)

BLOG Anita Daher
Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence (blog)

BLOG Ariel Gordon
Aqua Books events coordinator (blog)

BLOG Bionic Perry's Hideout
Perry Grosshans 7.14.08 (blog)

Dave Burrows again. I finally just gave up and hired him. 6.18.08 (blog)

Dave Burrows 5.22.08 (blog)

BLOG Alone on a Boreal Stage
Brenda Schmidt 5.12.08 (blog)

BLOG Brother Maynard
Is Aqua Books a Third Space? 5.5.08 (blog)

BLOG Thoroughly Confused...Spelled Wrong
Somebody gets me 12.19.07 (blog)

BLOG Janeday Reader
Pics and blow-by-blow on Snaring the NeWest Tour's stop at Aqua Books 11.13.07 (blog)

BLOG Brother Maynard
A commentary on ideaExchange (blog)

BLOG Claw of the Conciliator
Another commentary on ideaExchange (blog)

BLOG My favourite used book store…
Heather the Librarian blogs books (blog)

BLOG A Miracle at Aqua Books
Ian Stewart loves books [and Aqua Books] (blog)

BLOG Janeday Reader
Pics from Free Your Mind: Thriller 2.21.07 (blog)

BLOG A Magician Named Gob
You like me. You really like me (blog)

BLOG eLf ideas
Another happy customer (blog)

BLOG Doctrine, Theology and All That Jazz
Why Aqua Books is better than that other place down the street (blog)

BLOG Janeday Reader
Pics from Free Your Mind: Poetry 4.15.06 (blog)

BLOG of mediocre movies and the exchange
Tim Penner Speaks (blog)

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